Art is a process that transforms our thoughts into action, a process that turns nothing into something. As Confucius stated in the Analects, “Learning without thought is labor lost. Thought without learning is perilous.” On one side, if we merely think but take no action, there would be no progress. On the other side, acting on thoughtless impulse is doomed to failure. I believe that the relationship between thought and action is the most important source of human joy and wisdom. I have come to find that the process of turning art into reality is the path to earthly happiness and progress.

From the beginning I have felt that my experiences have guided me to emphasize on basic values (free expression, the value of life, and individual rights). I am on a perpetual quest to realize them and my work has never departed from this search. I envy explorations that can transcend reality and focus purely on subdued visuals, but these cannot change the reality in which I live. My work is dependent on veracity, I don’t rely on it for self-expression, but I must connect to it to feel the desire to create. I realize a piece of art cannot change the political or social conditions of the world directly but I myself change when I participate in these conditions. I am not seeking to create or perfect works; I am doing what I believe I must do in the best interest of human welfare.

Technology: Application of knowledge to the practical aims of human life or to changing and manipulating the human environment. Technology includes the use of materials, tools, techniques, and sources of power to make life easier or more pleasant and work more productive. Whereas science is concerned with how and why things happen, technology focuses on making things happen. –Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The intent of my research is to produce an analysis deliberating the semiotics of how we shape technology, while accentuating how it may optimally enhance awareness.

The concern at this point isn’t that we need to create new and improved technologies, it’s that we need to begin realizing new and improved methods of implementation. We shouldn’t seek to destroy or disregard technology; we should seek to emend technology. We should instead be using these technologies as a tool rather than a crutch. We have remained content in an epoch of safety and conformability; we must embrace L’appel du vide or the innate urge to jump. Though passionate consciousness is foremost, even the most scholarly tend to regress in the face of excessively enigmatical processes. Rather than relying on individual insight, I organize environments that support, evoke, and positively reinforce existence. In relation, sensible enlightenment and interaction tends to be the resulting reward for the viewers’ involvement. While not absent of conviction or uncertainty, I anticipate that the acceptance and application of this newfound foresight will allow for a more zealous progress.

So what if, rather than pushing and encouraging each other to do better, we encouraged each other to be better (free of religious or social conviction)? What sort of aurora would this produce? Would our interactions be achieved in a more interlaced and primed demeanor?



Young Wisconsin Artist


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